Pet First Aid Training

How do you want to learn pet first aid?

Online Pet First Aid Course

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As with all e-learning courses, Pet First Aid's online course offers flexibility, control and consistency to every student. Our online Pet First Aid course is video based and allows you to learn from a qualified instructor, at your pace, anywhere there is an internet connection. The online Pet First Aid course will be updated regularly to include new topics, constantly improved videos, and training materials. The certificate is good for 3 year and is printable once you complete the course.

Classroom Pet First Aid Course

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Pet First Aid is taught in the classroom by qualified ProTrainings instructors. These instructors are specifically selected for their ability to teach and their passion for animals. In-person instruction allows you to ask questions, practice on a stuffed dog in front of the instructor, and receive remediation from the instructor when necessary. The certificate is good for 3 year and is distributed once you complete the course.

Pet First Aid For Groups

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If you have a group of friends who would like to learn Pet First Aid or you are part of a pet-related business that wants to update its staff, then Pet First Aid is able to adapt to your needs. We're able to provide business training solutions that offer employers control over their staff training. Group training can be provided through the online course or through an instructor coming to your location. Either option will include a group discount.

Pet First Aid Instructor Training

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The Pet First Aid instructor course will allow you to teach Pet First Aid to your community, customers or friends. After successful completion, you will be able to hold open courses that will be advertised on the Pet First Aid website and on As an instructor, you will also have access to promotional materials, and you will receive commission for e-Learning course sales. Join the growing network of Pet First Aid instructors by calling 01206 805359 today.