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First Aid Spray

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Now first aid spray is a really useful product to have in your first aid kit and what it does, you can directly just spray that directly onto a wound and it's got antiseptic properties, so it's going to kill infection and stop infection growing. It is very good also to flush off a wound. So, if you are out and about and the dog has got a small cut with some dirt on it, you can use this to actually flush the wound off, get the dirt off of it and also kill the infection that's there and prevent infection taking hold.

If you put this onto a wound, you can leave it exposed, just let it be for just a small wound. If you do put a dressing on, again you can put this on first and then put the dressing on. Just be careful not to soak it too much if you are putting a dressing on because if you start and the dressing gets wet and hot, then you will increase the other possible risk of infections. But this will kill them. But it is just a good idea not to absolutely soak dressings with this product. When you are using this product out and about, just be careful not to inhale the spray and also do not use it directly around the animal's eyes or mouth because you are going to find that they are going to potentially breathe in the spray which won't do them any good.