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This course is also available with an optional endorsed certificate from Training Qualifications UK. (TQUK)

TQUK is an awarding organisation who have assessed this course to ensure that it meets its high-quality standards. Endorsed certificates are not regulated qualifications, but they do offer a high-level certificate which may be useful in certain sectors. This course is exactly the same, and in most cases, an endorsed certificate is not required. 

You may want an endorsed certificate if you are a pet professional, for example, if you walk dogs, work in a kennel, or if you are an animal groomer, as it further shows your commitment to pet safety. Other areas that an endorsed certificate may be useful is if you are completing other training courses and you need further proof that this pet first aid course meets the learning outcomes and units from that course.

 If you would like an endorsed certificate, there is a small charge and you can simply request it and pay for it on your ProTrainings Dashboard, by contacting us or talking to your instructor.