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Before we start this course, we will first look at what will be covered during the training. The course is dived into categories and in each category, there are a number of videos. You can pause and watch again any video on the course. We update our courses regularly and you will be able to see the replacement and new videos as they are released.

This may be an online course, but if you have any questions during the course you can contact us on 01206 805359, email support@protrainings.uk or use our online chat on any of our online sites. More information can also be found on www.protrainings.eu.

You work through the course videos in order and to give you an idea of what the course will cover, the categories and videos of this course are:

Firstly, the vet and your role in first aid, keeping safe, protecting your home, how pets show pain and checking your pet’s health.

It will also cover dog CPR, cat accidents, drowning and treatment, shock, broken bones and spinal injuries.

In the category medical conditions, we cover many different subjects including: serious bleeding, dressings, paws, ears, mouth, tail, illnesses, poisoning, stings, bites, seizures, choking, snake bites, ticks and fly strike.

Finally, we look at the older dog, small animals, fireworks and pet first aid kits.