Sell courses and earn commission with no capital outlay or fees

Earn additional income by sharing ProTrainings courses with friends, co-workers and businesses. ProTrainings makes selling courses easy by providing customised discount codes and online sales tools that track and credit each sale you make.

Sell our established and popular video online training courses

ProTrainings offer over 300 video online courses all of which you can add to your website and business to earn commission on any sales you receive. It is free to set up, there are no ongoing costs and we can offer you support in maximising sales. You will receive a dashboard where you can track all clicks and sales ensuring that you can see in a transparent way the results of your work. 

Share the news

If you have friends, followers or readers that don’t already know about ProTrainings, then sharing ProTrainings online using Facebook, Twitter or your blog is right for you. Using tools that we provide, you’re able to easily inform your friends about our courses and each visitor, sign-up and purchase is tracked and attributed to you. 

Course buttons for your websites and emails

If you have a website or blog and you would like to share ProTrainings with your readers, you are able to add buttons to your website. These stand out and are more aesthetically pleasing than links. Each course has its own available button that automatically will tie you and credit you with all traffic. 

We make sharing easy

Instead of simply linking back to a ProTrainings course on your Facebook status or Twitter feed, use the ShareThis tool, which will automatically publish the message for you and enables us to record anyone who clicks through that message. The Share This tool allows you to use Facebook, Twitter, emails & other online resources. 

Comprehensive reseller dashboard 

Comprehensive dashboard where you can track your sales. Wherever your posts on social media or websites appear, the reporting includes the number of clicks your post or button received, the number of sign-ups from those clicks and the number of purchases. 

Earn from "word of mouth" referrals

Our reporting allows you to keep track of your progress in spreading the word about ProTrainings. You will be able to see each time someone you refer signs up or purchases a ProTrainings course that have used a special discount code that you can produce. Make codes for shows or special offers and work with us to give discounts where you want to increase sales. 

Selling ProTrainings means: Quality courses, Full support, Residual income every time they buy

One of the biggest differentiators of ProTrainings from any other training company is the ability to provide quality training every time. In addition, we support our training with full customer service and a strong customer retention system. This means that when you get a sale for ProTrainings, we develop the relationship with that client and allow you to earn commission for that customer for his/her lifetime. We pay once your balance reaches £50 exclusive of VAT direct to your bank account on receipt of your invoice.