Be prepared for an emergency with your pet with your own pet first aid kit

Below are just a selection of the pet first aid equipment we sell.  Our Main supplies website First Aid Online offers over a 1000 products for humans and pets.

Premium Pet First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kit Premium in Green Bumbag - Available as a single unit or Pack of 10

Advanced Pet First Aid Kit

Advanced Pet First Aid Kit with a range of first aid equipment for treating pets, ideal for pet owners and pet professionals - Buy 5 Kits and save

Collaclot Haemostat Dressing - Must have for all pet owners

Collaclotâ„¢ large emergency haemostatic collagen sponge, this trauma dressing is ideal for treatment of life-threatening bleeding for animal use.

Sterile Size 10 x 7.5cm

PetFlex Bandage

Pet bandage that does not stick to the fur that comes in a bright colour. As you wrap this on it sticks to itself not the fur so it is an effective dressing to hold a gauze pad on and stop minor bleeding.

Blizzard Veterinary Blanket Wrap

Available in Small, Medium and Large sizes, the Blizzard veterinary blanket is a cost-effective passive warming device proven to be a good alternative to active warming blankets.

Casper CPR Dog

Casper the CPR training manikin allows students to learn how to perform CPR on a pet that has a medical emergency

Tick Remover in Blister Pack

Tick Remover in Blister Pack with 2 Wipes, use to remove ticks and wipe the wound clean with the wipe provided.

An ideal item for all first aid kits, particularly for individuals who work in forestry or travel kits for those of you who enjoy walking in wooded areas.