STAT Tourniquet ideal for pets

The ‘Smart Tactical Application Tourniquet’ is ideal for mass casualty incidents, as it can be applied in just 5 seconds. This helps to significantly reduce blood loss from catastrophic bleeds. Versatile This versatile tourniquet can be used on adults, children and even animals! It’s ideal for limb sizes as small as 20mm, and upwards. Easy […]

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Aqueos and the science behind these unique pet products

Aqueos uses a highly stable chelating agent & a complex blending technology to combine a number of powerful biocides which are not normally expected to work well together. In Aqueos, these iocides work synergistically together, each one enhancing the effect of the other. The mixing technology allows the biocides to be used in extremely low concentrations. As well as allowing the […]

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Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant Wipes for animals from Aqueos

Pet first aid wipes from Aqueos are useful to clean areas of your pet. It kills bacteria and viruses, it doesn’t smell and has a natural deodoriser in it.Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal. The Aqueos wipes carry on working after application. Effective deodoriser including fox and badger smells. Alcohol and bleach free. They are non-sticky and fragrance-free and will not irritant the skin. […]

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Blood Stop Powder from Aqueos

Blood stop powder from Aqueos is ideal for stopping the bleeding with minor bleeds. It has a unique stain-free formula that controls bleeding from cuts and minor wounds.  It acts as a blood coagulate powder to stop bleeding quickly by forming a gel barrier.  It contains no harmful chemicals and its ideal for First Aid […]

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first aid spray

First Aid Spray for wounds on animals from Aqueos

First aid spray from Aqueos is essential for any animal First Aid Kit or pet owner.  It is used to aids the natural healing process as well as disinfect cuts, minor wounds and Skin Irritations.   You can use first aid spray to clean and flush out a wound or injury. It is sting-free and PH neutral. It […]

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spray on plaster

Spray on plaster

Spray on plasters offer a quick treatment for minor cuts and grazes. Spray plaster solves the problem of how to protect a minor injury on pets.  The simple spray covers the injury to protect and aid healing.  It protects minor cuts and grazes from dirt, water and bacteria with a film forming silver aluminium micronized […]

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