ProTrainings Pet of the week - Chaya the Northern Inuit

This is Chaya a Northern Inuit dog and he is just over 8 months old and weighs 35 kgs, when fully grown he will probably weigh around 46 t0 49 kgs.

The Northern Inuit breed was established over here in the UK in the 80’s, they were bred from the Inuit dog from North America, the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky, they are a fairly large breed, friendly, family orientated dog and love people, children and other animals.

They are very intelligent and learn quickly, do not like being left for long periods on their own, but all said and done they are very addictive, hence he is our 2nd one.

Inspired by the Inuit people of North America, Canada and Greenland who, legend has it, mated dogs and wolves to try and obtain a dog that could work long hours but would live as a family pet, several dogs of unspecified origin were imported from North America into Britain in the early 1980’s. These dogs were used in a breeding programme with carefully selected northern breeds such as Siberian Huskies and Malamutes along with German Shepherds with a view to creating a wolf look alike dog that would be a suitable family pet and retain a willingness to work and please. The resulting dogs were given the name ‘the Northern Inuit Dog’ and the Northern Inuit breed was born.

For more information see the Northern Inuit Society web page and to get your pet featured email a picture and send us some information about them and their breed to

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