Neutering in pets is really important if you do not plan on breeding from them. There are health issues through not neutering your pet. With bitches, this could be uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, or a pyometra. If you have them spayed, then all of those diseases cannot happen. With a dog, testicular tumours and some […]

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Cat flu

Cat flu has many of the same symptoms as human flu and can affect adult cats and kittens. It is more serious in kittens and older cats or those with a low immune system. Cat flu can also be a sign of a secondary infection in your cat so it is important to get them […]

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falls from height

Falls From Heights By Cats

Falls from heights by cats have a much better outcome than falls by humans. Cats have a remarkable habit of surviving falls with only minor injuries, even those from high buildings. A cat in Boston once fell from a 19 story apartment window and survived, whilst another in New York fell 32 stories onto concrete […]

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