Seasonal Canine Illness

Although unclear as to the definite cause of the illness, Seasonal Canine Illness has be around since 2009. It is mainly between August and November and mainly in woodland areas in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Thetford. The Animal Health Trust ( have been researching the illness and are working with dog walkers to narrow down its cause.

Although fairly rare, dogs can become lethargic within 24 to 48 hours of a walk and showing signs of severe sickness, diarrhoea shaking, trembling and in some cases a high temperature. It is important that you see urgent professional assistance.

A number of cases were reported with harvest mites and evidence shows that dogs that have travelled further have more chance of developing SCI. It is possible to apply topical spray treatments for mites before you walk, but you should seek advice from your vet as regards which treatments would suit your pet.

The treatment is immediate professional medical treatment and the vet may treat with fluids by drip and antibiotics. Most dogs have recovered within ten days, but in some cases the dogs have died.

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