ProTrainings Pet First Aid Pet of the Week – Ella

Ella is a two year old Boarder Collie. She was born in Spain and has lived in the UK for a year. She is probably the lazyest Collie in the UK, any excuse to lay down or sit, she takes care it. You can pause on a walk to cross the road and she is flat on the floor, not even bothering to hold her head off the floor. She even lays down when she eats.

Ella may take every opportunity to rest but she loves her walks alone or with Deco and she loves to play with a ball or with Deco in the garden.

Having a Collie does require long walks and lots of inteligent playing to keep them stimulated and exercised. Collies are good pets and not too demanding. Ella is very affectionate and loves attention from anyone who will give it. In a few weeks she will be joining Deco in acting the latest ProTrainings Pet First Aid video online course changes and the advanced course. She has been practicing hard but not sure how many out takes there will be.

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