Poisoning and allergiesPoisoning and allergies is a big subject but we cover a little about them in this section.  Different animals can be poisoned by substances that would appear to be harmless. An example is chocolate, which is a toxin to dogs. Other foods that are completely harmless to humans which are very bad for dogs include grapes and any member of the onion family.

With any poisoning case, make sure you are not hurt by the same substance, and phone your vet for advice. Wear gloves to protect yourself from the poison.

Some foods can cause allergic reactions such as respiratory problems. If this happens, you will see swelling in the mouth and neck. This is very serious and can be caused by foods that to another animal would be harmless. If you know your pet suffers from allergic reactions, you will need to monitor what it eats more carefully.

Some animals have a more delicate stomach than others and cannot tolerate certain foods. This may not be an emergency, but if you have any doubts or if your pet’s reaction to a food is worse than usual, contact your vet.