AqueosAqueos uses a highly stable chelating agent & a complex blending technology to combine a number of powerful biocides which are not normally expected to work well together. In Aqueos, these iocides work synergistically together, each one enhancing the effect of the other.

The mixing technology allows the biocides to be used in extremely low concentrations. As well as allowing the combination of many biocides, the base also gives the product its long-lasting effect. On application, the product disrupts the surface tension of the treated surface and makes it difficult for new microorganisms to attach themselves to the surface. Micro-organisms cannot proliferate without a good attachment to the surface. This surface disruption remains for a long time after the product has dried and has an accumulating effect over time.

Aqueos works at both the chemical and the physical level. At the physical level, the disruption of the surface tension physically weakens the organisms as their hold on the treated surface is reduced. The weakened population is then subject to a variety of different chemical attacks from the combined chemical elements of the product. Because the population is already physically weakened, it is very vulnerable to chemical attack and therefore succumbs quickly. The result of this is called cell lysis which describes the bursting open of the walls of the individual cells.

An advantage of this method of killing micro-organisms is that they do not have the opportunity to develop resistance to the product. As a result, there is no need to rotate disinfectant products and the user does not run the risk of declining effectiveness over time.

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