Canine First Aid Level 2 (VTQ)

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Course Overview: Pet First Aid Training


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Course Content Overview

Section 1: Basic First Aid

This section covers essential topics such as your role in pet first aid, safety measures, home protection, identifying pet pain, and conducting health checks. It also includes instructions on dog CPR, handling accidents, drowning incidents, treatment of shock, fractured bones, spinal injuries, and other serious conditions.

Section 2: Medical Conditions

Here, we delve into various medical conditions, including managing serious bleeding, applying dressings, treating injuries to paws, ears, mouth, and tail, addressing illnesses, handling poisonings, dealing with stings, bites, seizures, choking incidents, snake bites, ticks, and many other health issues.

Section 3: Special Considerations

In this final section, we discuss caring for older dogs, specific considerations for small breeds, managing pets during fireworks, and assembling pet first aid kits.

Get ready to enhance your pet first aid skills with this comprehensive training!