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Hypothermia Treatment

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Treating Hypothermia in Dogs

Crucial Treatment for Cold-Exposed Dogs

Life-Saving Measures

When a dog is exposed to extremely cold temperatures and falls into a state of hypothermia, the treatment you administer can make the critical difference between life and death. Warming a hypothermic dog must be done gradually to ensure a safe temperature increase.

Prompt Veterinary Assistance

Seek Professional Help

If you suspect your dog is hypothermic, it's imperative to transport them to the vet at the earliest opportunity for expert care.

Wrap in Warmth

Utilize Blankets or Foil Blankets

  • Wrap your dog in a blanket or, ideally, a foil blanket if available.
  • If your dog is wet, gently dry them with a towel before wrapping them.
  • Blankets promote natural warming.

Avoid Rapid Heating

Caution with Heat Sources

Do not expose your cold dog to sudden and intense heat from fires or car heaters in an attempt to warm them quickly, as this can lead to additional complications and even cardiac arrest.

Enhanced Insulation with Foil Blankets

Reflective and Effective

A foil blanket offers insulation and reflects heat back into the dog's body. While they can be slightly noisy, consider layering another blanket, coat, or towel over the foil blanket for added comfort and warmth.