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Nail and Claw Injuries

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One common injury that you could come across in your pet is a damaged or broken nail or dewclaw. The dewclaw is found on the leg and the nails on the end of their toes.

  • When you visit the vet ask them to check your dog's claws, they may need trimming and the vet can do it for you
  • Claws can be damaged when playing or running
  • Claws can be worn down when walking, but may still need to be trimmed
  • Many pet owners trim their dog's claws themselves, if you do, make sure that you know how to do it, some dogs don't like their claws trimmed and can fidget and make it difficult if this is the case get them trimmed by a professional
  • Dew Claws can become caught and damaged or torn
  • Check the paw for torn claws, bleeding or any sign of swelling or infection
  • Any wound around the paws can become infected, consider using a pet first aid spray to protect after you have cleaned the wound and apply a dressing
  • If bleeding apply pressure using a gauze pad, hold it in place to allow the wound to clot, if you can't stop the bleed or if it is excessive, take your pet to the vet
  • As with all wounds if you have any concerns, seek veterinary assistance.

You can apply a dressing to the paw which will keep the pressure on the site and you may find it only has to be left on for a few hours.