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Collaclot - Collegen pad to stop bleeding and promote clotting

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Now, we have been involved in pet first aid for over a decade and through that time, we have always been looking for products that you can use on pets and animals to stop a catastrophic bleed. There are lots of other haemostatic agents available, but a lot of them just are not suitable for animals, things as the Z-fold gauze. Yes, if you had a major cut to the hind legs of a dog, maybe you can pack a wound with something like that, but the key thing we need is something that we can apply on the skin into a large wound or even roll up and actually pack a wound with.

So what we have got here is a product called Collaclot. Now, Collaclot is a collagen-based product, so it is 100% collagen and the advantage of that is it not only stops the bleed, but it also promotes the healing cascade. So with a lot of other haemostatic agents, they basically plug up the hole, absorb the blood and they stop the bleed at that level, but they do not promote the healing side, whereas this does.

So if you have got a dog with catastrophic artery cuts, you can use this; or you can take a piece, a small piece, where you have cut the claws back too much, a ripped claw and there is lots of blood and you just need to try and stop this blood from coming out, so you can use it to help. It does not have to be necessarily a catastrophic bleed, you can use this on anything.

If a dog has got a cut to it and you want to control the bleeding using the dressings, we speak in other videos we do on pet first aid about how you can put bandages on, which are effective but we really want something that can promote healing in time to then get them to the vets to be able to sort out the problem. The more blood we keep in the body, the more active the healing process starts, and the better that is for the animal. Now, with these, they can be used on dogs, cats, pets, equestrian side, agriculture, wildlife parks, or zoos. They have got a massive range, which any animal can use it.

Collaclot is licensed for animals and the product itself is very, very simple to use. And they come in these fold pouches, there are two sizes here. The actual product itself looks like this. It is 100% collagen, it is derived from chickens and one side is smooth, one side is rough, but it does not matter which side you put it in, because it is 100% collagen, it will work either way around. It is just due to the manufacturing process that one side is smoother than the other side.

So with this also, you can very easily tear it, so you can buy a large piece. If you need just a small piece, you can literally just tear a small piece off and you can apply that onto maybe a broken claw or a very small injury. The other thing you can do with it is tear a piece up, so if you wanted to actually pack it into a wound, you can tear a piece off and then you can literally just fold that up and apply that ban into a cut, so maybe the dog has got a stab wound or something like that and it is an open wound, you can apply that in and you can always apply another bit on the outside, but once you have applied that on, you are still going through standard first-aid practices where you are applying direct pressure. So you put this on. You can put the dressing at the top. You can hold it in place until the bleeding has stopped and then you will bandage round to secure that in place and get the animal to the vet as quickly as possible.

Now, these sorts of things are absolutely perfect for any type of pet first aid kit, or whether you are in the equestrian side, first-aid kits for that or in agriculture. They are ideal, they are simple to use, there is not really any problems with them. You cannot do them wrong. As long as you roughly put it over the bleed, that is fine. If there is a lot of blood on a serious cut, just find the source of that bleed. So if there is an artery there, just get rid of the worst... Just use the dressing to get the worst of the blood out and then you can apply this directly over the top of the actual bleed.

Collaclot is available in two sizes, the smaller version or the larger version. If you just want a small one, that is ideal, it will deal with most pet side, but for the larger ones, you can just tear off what you actually need, so you tear off the bit you need and then keep the rest. If you have got multiple injuries, you can literally take different sections, just cut it or tear it, put in what you need onto the injury site and then the product will start working.

Now, Collaclot is available from any of our websites, any of the training websites at the bottom, just go to the ProTrainings store, or you can go to our main site, which is You can phone us on 01206 809538, or email us at And we can give you any more information you need on the product and also see how this could help save your pets or the animals you care for's life.