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Premium Pet First Aid Kit

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Having a Pet First Aid Kit is really, really important, so whether you are going out with your pets or if you are having them at home, a dedicated kit where you have got all their equipment in is really important. This is the Premium Pet First Aid Kit from ITG ProTrainings; it is a bumbag-type design. Inside, the simple zip area, and in there are all the main bits and pieces that you are going to need to treat an animal who has had an accident. There is also room inside if you need to add extra bits in here, so maybe you need to add more poo bags just to have a bag when you are taking, there may be medications that your dog is on or any other information. It is also a good idea to put the information in here of where you vet is, and your emergency contact numbers, so that this is the kit, and if anything happens, you can get someone to get the kit and it is all there.
What we will look at now is what is inside the kit. There is some dressings, and with the dressings, they can be used as minor cuts, but they can also be used for mopping up blood, or if they get something in the eye you can just use the dressing to clear something out of an eye. There is an eye pad dressing, which is a very small dressing, so you can wrap that onto a leg. Although it is eye pad, a lot of the dressings used in a pet first aid kit are used for humans as well. So this one is literally a small dressing should you need it. So you have got the pad and the bandage on it.
There are some scissors, and scissors can be used for cutting dressings, bandages and things like that or if there is an injury and you maybe need to cut some excess hair away from the injury site, they are very very useful. You have a foil blanket, now foil blankets are really good because they can keep the pet warm. The only disadvantage of it is they are quite noisy, so sometimes the animals can get quite scared by them. But they are very important to keep the animal warm in the event of an injury. We also have larger dressings, one in large and one in medium. These can be used for injuries onto the body, they can be used on the ears, legs, tail, or anything you are likely to need.
There is also some saline solution. Particularly if you are out and about, they are good for washing a wound or if you need to wash something out of the dogs' eyes, they are very useful. You just snip the cap off and squirt the water straight in.
There is also a triangular bandage. Now you are not going to put a dog into a sling, but these can be useful as a padding should you need it, and also good for wrapping around an injury site to give an extra level of padding onto a wound. Tweezers, tweezers are very useful for removing thorns out of the paws. And also in here, we have got micropore tape for holding the dressings in place if you are using the standard gauze pads. And then there are some wipes, again for cleaning out eyes, ears. Don't go sticking this stuff into the dogs' ears but it is good for wiping around and keeping them clean, and also very good for cleaning your hands. There is also a pair of gloves. Now you are not really going to catch anything off of a dog, however, you do not want to pass an infection back on to them. So it is very useful to put the gloves on. Finally in the kit, you have got a yellow bag. What this is, is just a bag to put any waste in. So once you have actually dealt with an injury, you are going to have some blood-soaked dressings and bits and pieces, you can put them in the bag, you can seal it up. Also if you need to, the bag can double up as a poo bag should you need it. But if you do use that, you have got to make sure that you replace it in the kit afterwards.