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Nail and Claw Injuries

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Pet Paw Injuries: Causes and First Aid

Understanding Common Paw Injuries

Learn about common paw injuries in pets and how to provide first aid.

1. Nail and Dewclaw Damage

Types: Damaged or broken nails and dewclaws.

Key considerations:

  • Regularly check your dog's claws, especially dewclaws
  • Vet can assist with trimming if needed
  • Injuries can occur during play, running, or from wear and tear

2. DIY Claw Trimming

Tips for DIY Trimming: Some dogs may resist claw trimming.

Important points:

  • Ensure you are skilled in trimming claws
  • Professional help recommended for difficult cases
  • Pay attention to your pet's comfort during the process

3. Dealing with Dewclaw Issues

Concern: Dewclaw problems like damage or tearing.

Steps to take:

  • Inspect paws for torn claws, bleeding, swelling, or infection
  • Clean wounds and apply pet first aid spray
  • If bleeding, use a gauze pad and apply pressure

4. Seeking Professional Help

General Rule: Always consult a vet if concerned about wounds.

Additional advice:

  • If bleeding persists or is severe, visit your vet
  • Dressing can be applied to maintain pressure on the wound
  • Remove the dressing after a few hours if necessary