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Advanced pet first aid kit

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What we will do now is look at the Advanced Pet First Aid Kit and we do these kits in two forms. This is the soft pouch and this is the harder pouch version. The contents inside them are exactly the same. However, with the hard pouch, we can adapt it slightly and we can also add extra items in. So this kit here is the standard advanced kit but you can also have it with Collaclots which will deal with any catastrophic bleed or even small bleeds and also Oralade for dehydration. So we can do three sort of versions of this one as well, so otherwise, the content is the same.

So what we are going to do is look to start with is have a look at the contents inside. So inside the kits start with, in no particular order, we are doing this in, but you have got some gloves in there, just to make sure you can keep your hands away from any blood and also reducing risk of infection. It has standard dressings. These are the standard dressings, we have got the gauze pad already woven into them. And we have a thermometer, you can use for checking the temperature.

Emergency foil blanket. So if you have got any situation where you need to keep a dog warm or has a catastrophic bleed, you can wrap it up in the blanket. Micropore tape, Micropore tape is really useful for attaching, sealing off bandages, covering over the knots of bandages and also lower adherent dressings. And again, if you just want to put small pad on an animal, you can use the Micropore tape for that as well. Has some saline pods, these are simple-look pods that you just snap the top off and you can squirt water straight in and these can be used for eyes, around the mouth or just cleaning your wound up, if you need to.

It has a tick remover, just in case you do get animal with a tick on, or you get a tick on yourself, you can still use that. Cohesive bandage, this will then use to hold on these pads but also hold on any other dressings or protect an area. Also in the kit you have a smaller bandage as well, this will just be used just it may be you want to cover smaller cuts, or you can cover over an eye with this as well. Ice pack, this is the chemical ice packs, so what you do is just break it, there is a sachet in there of liquid and you shake it and that will get cold, so it is useful if you do need to apply ice onto anything.

A waste bag, now this is a sand waste bag. So if you have had to clean up and there is blood soaked dressings in bits and pieces, you can pop everything in there. Also have some more gloves. We have some wipes as well, so if you need to clean out an area or clean a wound, get the worst of the dirt off of it, you can use those. And then we have tweezers and scissors, so if you need to cut any hair away or cut dressings and tweezers, again, getting something out of skin or maybe a thorn out of the animal.

Got a triangle of type bandage as well. Now, obviously the picture here is of someone in a sling. It's used with human first aid, but this can be quite useful for other dressings or padding that you need around something. Some more wipes. And then final one is a burn gel, this burn gel dressing is great. If there is a burn on animal, you will put it down, it instantly cools it. Now running under cold water is the best thing, however, if you are out and about, you just might not have access to that.

So these are sort of the key kits we got as the advanced kits. We also do, do these versions of kits as personalized. So, if you do want them personalized, we can do that as well. If it is just individual kits and they are personalized, a small extra charge for doing that and we can put maybe your kennel's logo on it or something like that. If not, if you want larger quantities of it, then there would not be any extra charge for that. And we can do you different labels, with your logos on if you have got business, or a dog club or something like that, we can do kits just for you. If you want any more details on these kits or other range of pet first aid kits, please get in touch.