Advanced Pet First Aid Level 3 (VTQ)

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Welcome to the Advanced Pet First Aid Online Course

Course Overview

Enhanced Canine First Aid Training

  • Expanded Curriculum: This course builds upon the standard canine first aid course by offering in-depth insights into various illnesses and injuries you may encounter.
  • Comprehensive Content: Explore topics covered in the standard course with greater detail.
  • Target Audience: Ideal for those who have completed our standard course or individuals taking their first pet first aid course.

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What to Expect from Your Training

  • Course Structure: The training is categorized into sections, each containing multiple informative videos.
  • Flexible Learning: Pause and revisit any video at your convenience.
  • Regular Updates: We frequently update our course content, ensuring you have access to the latest information.

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  • Contact Information: If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach us at 01206 805359 or email You can also use our online chat facility.
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Course Content Overview

A Sneak Peek into Your Learning Journey

As you progress through the course, you'll cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction: Your Role in First Aid, Safety Measures, Home Protection, Hand Hygiene, and Microchipping.
  2. Precautions and Safety: Muzzles, Gloves, and Approaching Injured Animals.
  3. Anatomy and Physiology: Understanding the Basics of How the Body Works.
  4. First Aid Kits and Equipment: Insights into Available Equipment and Proper Usage.
  5. Checking Your Pet's Health: Gum Colors, Urine Sample Collection, Signs of Pain, and Vital Signs.
  6. Life-Saving Techniques: Recovery Position, CPR, Drowning, Near Drowning, Oxygen Use, and Choking.
  7. Bleeding: Managing Various Types of Bleeding, Including Catastrophic Bleeding.
  8. Common Pet Conditions: Exploring Ailments such as Diarrhoea, Vomiting, Sneezing, and Vital Signs.
  9. Injuries and Illnesses: Detailed Insights into Different Pet Injuries and Potential Ailments.
  10. Parasites: Understanding and Dealing with Parasitic Issues.

This comprehensive course includes approximately 5.5 hours of instructional videos.