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About Nicki: A Dedicated Veterinarian


Meet Nicki - A Passionate Vet

Allow us to introduce Nicki, a highly experienced veterinarian who has been dedicated to animal care since 2003.


University of Liverpool Alumna

  • Veterinary Journey: Nicki's journey in the world of veterinary medicine began at the prestigious University of Liverpool.

Pets and Companions

Nicki's Furry Family

Meet Nicki's beloved companions:

  • Elsa: A nine-year-old black Labrador who has been Nicki's faithful companion since she was eight weeks old. Elsa, originally from a working Labrador breeder, has transitioned into a cherished pet.
  • Rodney and Trigger: Two senior cats who have been a part of Nicki's life for years, entering a phase where Nicki's veterinary expertise is essential for their well-being.

Professional Roles

Providing Care to Pets in Need

Nicki's professional roles include:

  • General Practice: Nicki works as a small animal vet in a general practice setting, providing comprehensive care to pets.
  • Out-of-Hours Hospital: In addition to her regular practice, Nicki also contributes her skills to an out-of-hours hospital, where she encounters a wide range of emergency cases.

The Importance of Pet First Aid

Emergency Situations and the Role of First Aid

Nicki emphasizes the significance of pet first aid in various contexts:

  • Constant Learning: Nicki's work in emergency cases is dynamic and diverse, offering opportunities for continuous learning in the ever-evolving field of veterinary medicine.
  • Enhancing Communication: Nicki highlights the value of pet owners having knowledge of first aid, as it enables them to provide crucial information to veterinarians, facilitating better care for their pets.
  • Benefits for Pet Professionals: Nicki believes that pet first aid is not only essential for pet owners but also for professionals such as dog walkers, dog groomers, and trainers. These skills empower them to assist in emergency situations efficiently.

Nicki's dedication to the well-being of animals and her commitment to spreading awareness about pet first aid make her a valuable asset to both the veterinary community and pet owners.