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Pedigree Cats

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Pedigree cats need more specific care so do your research before you buy or adopt one.  There are many places where you can learn more and talk to different breeders and pet professionals.  Research the breed and see if they are the best one for you.  Good places to go are cat shows as you can talk to many different people and make your mind up.

You may find that the breed you have chosen not only cost a lot to buy but also to keep you safe.  Pet insurance is a good idea in all breeds as vets bills can mount up. 

There are different types of cats. We have got pedigree cats and non-pedigree cats, and also cats from a cat's home. Looking at the pedigree cats, why would someone choose a pedigree cat, as one of these?

If somebody wants something a bit more unusual, then they go for a pedigree cat and perhaps a Bengal. If you do go for the pedigree cats, you would be better to make sure that you either keep the cat inside and perhaps have an outside run or supervise the cat in the back garden, because there is a possibility of them being stolen. If you wanted to go for a non-pedigree cat, basically, you can go to an animal sanctuary or a pet's home and pick up a non-pedigree cat.

So obviously, going to a charity is always good because we can re-home cats and there are loads of those now. And we have got some links on that on our website, but sometimes you hear people that a cat has just given birth to kittens and you are going to someone who has never bred before and they just got this cat with a box of kittens. Should you still be careful of those types of cats because you have got no real history on it at all?

You would have to make sure if you were going to take a kitten that is, again, is fully vaccinated before you take it home because there are all the issues if the mother cat has been out if the mother cat is vaccinated. You just have to be cautious if you accept a kitten that has come from outside.

Basically, any cat, you got to make a decision and a commitment. How long would a cat, on average, last on its lifetime is 15 to 20 years? If you are taking a cat on, you have got to commit to that sort of timescale.