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Pets Drowning and Treatment

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If you find an animal that has drowned you need to remove them from the water as quickly as possible but safely for both them and you.

Your personal safety is vital, do not get yourself into a situation where you are trying to rescue an animal in the water and then get yourself in trouble.

When you get the dog out of the water, if it is not breathing, try and raise the hind legs a little bit. If you are on a riverbank, have their head at the lowest point.

We need to carry on the CPR process that we've learnt in the previous video. CPR is important to get oxygen into the lungs, get the blood circulating and hopefully, they will come around fairly quickly.

CPR with an older dog is not so successful, however in the case of drowning it does work quite well, because you have something that is a respiratory problem rather than a cardiac problem. By delivering CPR, very quickly you have the chance of bringing the animal around.

CPR in drowning cases does work but try not to panic, keep yourself calm.

Even after successful CPR take the pet to the Vet to be checked, secondary drowning caused by a fluid build-up in the lungs can be fatal