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Lungworm in Dogs: A Hidden Threat

The Peril of Lungworm

Lungworm, also known as French heartworm, is a parasitic nemesis that infiltrates the canine world. This devious invader, in its adult form, takes residence in the heart and major lung blood vessels, unleashing a barrage of health woes. Left unchecked, this infection can spell fatality. The sinister culprit behind lungworm? Slugs and snails. The conundrum arises when dogs, intentionally or unintentionally, ingest these commonplace garden pests while foraging through foliage, munching on grass, quenching their thirst from puddles or outdoor bowls, or even via their toys.

Foxes: Agents of Lungworm Transmission

Foxes, too, can fall prey to the clutches of lungworm, serving as unwitting couriers of this parasite across the land. Lungworm infection in dogs unleashes a twofold dilemma:

1. A Grave Threat to Canine Health

Infection with lungworm can usher in severe health complications for our canine companions, often culminating in fatality if left undiagnosed and untreated.

2. A Looming Environmental Hazard

Dogs infected with lungworms disperse the parasite into their surroundings, as the larvae exit via the dogs' excrement. This unsettling phenomenon heightens the risk of other dogs falling victim to this insidious invader.

Protecting Your Pooch

Take proactive measures to safeguard your beloved canine from the clutches of lungworm. Equip yourself with the appropriate treatments available through your trusted vet or pet professional.