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Pet Wrap Bandages

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Bandages that are designed for pets are more effective and easy to use:

  • They don't stick to your pets fur, hair or skin
  • They do stick to themselves, making them easier to secure

Applying a bandage in the same way you would apply a dressing

  • If it is not a minor wound, seek veterinary care for your pet
  • Make sure the wound is clean 
  • Cover the wound with a gauze pad
  • Apply the bandage starting from the point furthest away from the heart
  • Make sure that the bandage is not on too tight
  • To keep the bandage in place gently smooth the end of the bandage down
  • Check the temperature on both sides of the bandage if one side is colder than the other it may indicate that it is on too tight
  • Check for swelling as this may also indicate you need to remove and reapply the bandage less tightly
  • As with all dressings and bandages, check it regularly, do not leave on overnight, a minor wound should be sufficiently healed and the bandage and dressing should be removed.