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Clean Hands in Emergencies - Hand Hygiene Tips

The Importance of Clean Hands

Ensuring Hygiene in Emergency Situations

Whether you're dealing with a medical emergency or caring for your pet, maintaining clean hands is essential. Learn how to keep your hands clean before and after emergencies.

Preventing Infections During Emergencies

Protecting Wound Integrity

One of the key steps in managing injuries during emergencies is ensuring your hands are free from contaminants. Clean hands significantly reduce the risk of infecting wounds.

Use Hand Gel or Sanitising Foam

  • Accessible Cleansing: In situations where running water isn't available, opt for hand gel or sanitising foam if you have it.
  • Preventing Contamination: Clean hands before addressing injuries to avoid introducing harmful bacteria.
  • Glove Usage: When handling pet-related mess or vomit, wearing gloves is advisable; if not, use anti-bacterial soap or sanitising gel after cleanup.

Effective Hand Sanitising Technique

Proper Steps for Clean Hands

Follow these steps to ensure effective hand sanitising:

  1. Remove Cap: Take off the cap from the sanitising product.
  2. Shake and Dispense: Give the container a gentle shake and dispense a small amount onto your hand using the pump.
  3. Rub In: Rub the product thoroughly into your hands. Ensure you cover all areas, including between fingers and under any rings.
  4. Quick Drying: The sanitiser typically dries quickly, leaving your hands clean and dry, ready for pet care or other tasks.

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Note: Clean hands are vital for both human and pet safety during emergencies. Prioritise hand hygiene to prevent complications.