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When animals have the odd sneeze or sneezing because of something obvious like dust there is nothing to worry about but if the sneezing becomes regular or distresses the animal then it will be worth getting them checked out by a vet as it may be an indicator of a more serious condition.

Different things can cause sneezing and they may be obvious or hidden. Allergies can cause sneezing as does dust, mounds or pollen.  Other conditions could be:

  • Nasal polyps
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Fungal infections 
  • Dental abscesses

Additional signs that go with sneezing could include:

  • Mucus Discharge from eyes or nose which could indicate a respiratory tract infection 
  • Bloody Mucus could indicate a fungal infection or it could be a warning sign of nasal cancer 
  • Bad breath could indicate a dental problem like dental abscesses 
  • Itchy skin and scratching with sneezing may indicate an allergy 
  • Behaving differently 
  • Loss of appetite

A vet will look at the signs and then they may give antibiotics to treat infections or decongestants to clear the airways.

Allergies are treated in different ways including removing them from the allergy trigger and using different substances in the home.

Don't get worried and self-diagnosis and think the worse has happened, take them to the vet and wait for their diagnosis.