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Cat Vaccinations

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We are here with Ali from Pure Bengals and the first of the subjects we are going to talk about the cats is about vaccinations. Why would cats need vaccinations and kittens?

Kittens should be vaccinated at nine and then again at 12 weeks because once they are weaning from the mother, their immunity wanes. That is a prime time to have the vaccinations done. They would then be covered one week after the second vaccination, and then just require a yearly booster.

Vaccinations can be distressing for cats and kittens but they do not really feel it.  The injections are placed between the shoulder blades, very rarely suffer any discomfort.

You just have to keep an eye on them after the vaccination because they can sometimes have a little bit of a reaction like a running eye or sneeze. Generally, they do not have any reactions at all but it is best to look out for them.

Once they have had their vaccinations, there is a record kept on their vaccination certificate. You should keep the vaccination cards safe and always take these along to the vets, every time you have your cat vaccinated again.

Vaccinations are important because when they start to wean, then their immunity from their mother wanes. They then require the vaccination to boost that immunity again.  Have the yearly booster done and also, while you are there, your cat can just have a health check, just to make sure that he is a 100% fit.