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Cat Vaccinations

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Cat Vaccinations: Ensuring Feline Health


We're joined by Ali from Pure Bengals to discuss a crucial topic regarding cats - vaccinations.

Why Do Cats Need Vaccinations, Especially Kittens?

Vaccination Schedule: Kittens should receive their first vaccinations at nine weeks, followed by another at 12 weeks. This timing is essential as their immunity decreases when they wean from their mother.

Protection: Full immunity is typically achieved one week after the second vaccination, providing vital protection.

Are Vaccinations Stressful for Cats and Kittens?

Minimal Discomfort: Vaccinations are generally not distressing for felines. Injections are administered between the shoulder blades and rarely cause discomfort.

Watchful Monitoring: After vaccination, keep a close eye on your cat for potential reactions, such as watery eyes or sneezing, although such responses are uncommon.

Documentation and Yearly Boosters

Keep Records: Maintain a safe record of your cat's vaccinations on their certificate.

Regular Check-ups: Consistent vaccination is essential to restore and maintain immunity. Combine vaccinations with periodic health check-ups to ensure your cat's optimal well-being.


Vaccinations are vital, particularly for kittens, as they bolster immunity when maternal protection diminishes. Stay committed to the yearly booster regimen to safeguard your cat's health and well-being.