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Cat Worming and Treatment

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With a cat or a kitten, what sort of things do you need to look out for in terms of care, and then we hear a lot about worming, how does that link in with the care for a cat or a kitten?

Well, worming is obviously very important. It is very important for the cat or kitten and also important if you have got young children, that your cat is wormed properly. There are various ways of worming. Probably the easiest method is you can get spot-on treatments, which you literally just spot on the back in between the shoulder blades. These will worm your cat or kitten and cover it for a month. They also cover for fleas, lice, and also, they will cover if your cat was to get ear mites. So, spot on is very easy to use and covers everything.

With the treatments themselves, how would you, obviously keep records regularly to make sure that if it is every month you make sure that the same day of the same month you give the treatment, but how would you look and see that maybe there is a problem with worms or mites within a cat?

Well with worms, your cat's coat could go very dull, and almost starry and the hair could stand up. And also, when they have been to the toilet, they sometimes will sit down and drag their bottom. So that could give an indication that your cat has got worms and obviously to get treatment. With your ears, obviously, if they start scratching around their ears a lot, then you could have a problem with ear mites. It is easy to keep your kitten's ears clean. You can obviously see into their ears. And if we just pop her up here, you literally just open their ear up and look in. You can get ear wipes from a pet shop and you can just use them to clean around the outer. Never ever poke anything further down into the kitten's ear because you could be damaging their eardrum. So, it is only the outer part of the ear that you can clean.

Keep an eye on making sure the ears are clean. And if you see the cat scratching more than usual, cats do sometimes scratch. But if they are scratching, especially around the ear area, then you may have a problem with ear mites. So, it is advisable to keep your cat up-to-date with your worming treatment. And the spot-on can incorporate worming, fleas, and, as we said, the ears. It is very easy and painless for the cat to use a spot-on treatment. The only thing, if you are using a spot-on treatment and you have got young children, is to make sure that the treatment is totally dry before you allow the children to play and handle the cat or kitten.