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The Role of the Pet First Aider

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The role of the pet first aider in the veterinary clinic is to enable us to treat the animal better. So, if they can liaise with us and tell us what has happened and give us a clue as to what we might be expecting when the animal arrives with us, we can also then explain to them anything that they could do to help the animal immediately before they then arrive at a veterinary surgery.

I would expect the pet first aider to see, well who they are treating, either dog, cat, whatever it is. If it is their own pets, they should ring their own vets. If they are walking or looking after somebody else's pet, if they do have the vet's details for that pet, it would be better to ring their own vet because they have their clinical records. They could then phone the vet, explain what has happened. The vet could then be prepared as to what may be coming in if they need to be treated by the vet. And also give some advice immediately on what they could do to help the situation to try and stem bleeding, or to take some vital signs, just so that they could then feed that information back to the vet so that they can be better prepared.