Advanced Pet First Aid Level 3 (VTQ)

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In human first aid terms, we use gloves as a barrier to prevent us from getting any infection from the person we are helping and to make sure we don't pass the infection to them. In pet terms, gloves are used for a slightly different reason. One is, if you have got a cut or a burn, you don't want any bugs that were on your hands entering the cut.  When you are dealing with dogs and cats and all sorts of animals you may have to deal with a situation around their back end. You may have to clean them up, they might have a lot of poo stuck in their hair, you might need to wash them down. And putting gloves on can make this job much easier.

There are different types of gloves available. Vinyl gloves are fine, they work really well. These are the sort of gloves you find being used in sandwich shops and food handling facilities. These are an easy glove to put on and they are very cheap. Other gloves you might find are the ones at petrol pumps. They are just plastic bags effectively, but they will function well as a glove.

Nitrile gloves are slightly better and stronger, they also fit well, but take a little longer to put on. Latex gloves can cause an allergic reaction in some people but there are no reports of animals being allergic.

If you need to use gloves, check that they are OK to look for holes or tears. If you have any sharp rings consider taking these off before you put the gloves on.

 Once the gloves are on, you can then deal with what you need to deal with. If you are treating a cut you can be confident that you are not going to infect the wound and gloves make it easier to deal with any situation.

Now, if you have blood or something else unpleasant on your hands, you can remove the gloves without touching it, this is demonstrated in the video. When the gloves are removed, dispose of them appropriately.