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Using a Foil Blanket

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One problem you may have with a pet is it has got very cold. Now, it could be that this dog, for example, has fallen into a lake and it has got very cold. You have pulled it out and you need to warm it up. One thing you do not want to do is warm them up quickly, not something like put them into a very hot car because this can push them into cardiac arrest.

Another way is to try and keep the heat in, so we can use a foil blanket. Now, there are different types of foil blanket. There are the standard type, you might have seen this after a marathon run, where they put a foil blanket around them. It is literally just a small package, and it is a single layer, and it goes over them. It is useful, but it can cause other problems as well. It is very difficult to keep in place and there is not a massive amount of thermal property. It does reflect heat, but it does not keep them as warm as others.

Now, the one we are going to show you now is the Blizzard Blanket. Now, these are a much better one. They are multi-cored, so you got an outer layer, an inner layer, and in the middle is a gap. Now, what happens then, is the body heat of the dog will heat up that gap and add extra insulation properties. Now, these blankets here come in three sizes: Small, medium and large. So, you can pick the size that is relevant to your dog. And the way they work, is they are concertinaed, so as you lay it on the dog, you can stretch it around them, and it hugs them in place.

For an example of this, we have got them laying down. If a dog is unconscious or unwell, try and lay it down on the right-hand side, the same as you would with the dog recovery position. And then, if we just take the blanket, and you can actually stretch it, so, as you can see, it goes to about there in its own right. You can then stretch it fully and wrap it right around. Try and keep the nose clear, so you can keep an eye on it. And you can just stretch this right the way over the dog and wrap it up nice and warm.

The other thing you can do is to put another blanket over the top if you wanted to. Now, these are noisy when they are moving, but they are not quite as bad as the single-ply ones. They are not that expensive, in comparison to other products that could be available. They are very, very effective, so it could be used any time your dog gets cold. It is something that you can practice on. You can roll them back up. The normal blankets, once you have got them open, you just throw them away, because they are useless, whereas these, you will never get them flat as they come in the shrink wrap pack, but you can get them, and you can reuse them.

The other advantage is, they are not going to get any wetter because the rain will just fall off the outside of the blanket. You can use these blankets with the dog laying down, if it is unwell, or even if it is stood up, you can put the blanket on them, keep them nice and warm. You could secure it around, and it would just hold in place very, very nicely on them. If they do get a little bit over cold, maybe working dogs, things like that, or dogs in and out of the water, it is a very easy, quick way of warming them up.

Finally, if you want to get a hold of these, we have put a link on our website, where there is more information about these blankets, and also you can go to the store at the bottom of the website, and you can buy these through our online shop.