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Car Accidents

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Dealing with Animal Accidents Near Roads

Avoiding Accidents with Cars

  • Leash Your Dog: Keep your dog on a lead when on or near the road.
  • Caution with Vehicles: Be careful when loading or unloading pets into vehicles.

Reporting Collisions with Animals

Legal Obligations and Responsibilities

  • Immediate Reporting: If you collide with certain animals (e.g., Dog, Horse, Pig, Sheep, Goat, Donkey, Mule, or Cattle), stop and report the incident to the police promptly.
  • Remain at the Scene: Stay at the scene until permitted by the police, regardless of the animal's condition.
  • Witnessed Incidents: If you witness an accident and the driver flees, record their registration number and report to authorities.

Providing First Aid to Injured Animals

Ensuring Safety and Prompt Care

  • Seek Veterinary Assistance: Locate and contact a local vet for guidance.
  • Follow Veterinary Advice: Abide by the vet's recommendations for treatment.
  • Safely Transporting Injured Animals: If necessary, use your car parcel shelf or mat for transportation.
  • Contacting the Owner: In the case of a dog, try to reach the owner if possible.
  • Maintain Calm and Warmth: Keep the animal calm, warm, and minimize excessive movement.
  • Bleeding Control: Address any bleeding appropriately.
  • Be Cautious: Injured animals may act unpredictably, so approach them carefully to avoid bites or scratches.
  • Avoid Medications or Food: Refrain from giving any substances that may interfere with veterinary treatment.

Assisting at the Veterinary Practice

  • Notify the Vet: Ensure the vet is expecting your arrival to expedite the animal's care.
  • Prompt Care: Timely assistance upon arrival at the vet's practice.