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Elizabethan Collars

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Types of Elizabethan Collars for Your Pet

1. Introduction to Elizabethan Collars

Elizabethan Collars, or E-Collars, serve a vital purpose despite being disliked by most dogs. They prevent licking of wounds after surgery or injuries.

2. Proper Use and Supervision

E-Collars are not meant for continuous wear. Supervise your pet when they are on, especially when you're outdoors with them on a lead. Evaluate if it's necessary at all times.

3. Traditional Plastic Cone Collar

This classic E-Collar is made of transparent plastic, allowing visibility. It's adjustable and available in various sizes. Secure it to your pet's collar for safety.

3.1 Application

Putting on this collar is easier if approached from behind to prevent startling your pet. The thudding sound of the clips can stress nervous dogs.

4. Soft E-Collar

The Soft E-Collar is a more comfortable option, made from soft material. It slides over your pet's face, offering improved peripheral vision.

4.1 Application

Sliding the Soft E-Collar over the face can be stressful for your pet. Carefully secure it without over-tightening to ensure your pet's comfort and safety.

5. Inflatable Ring Collar

The Inflatable Ring Collar is a practical choice that maintains your pet's peripheral vision. It's inflatable, adjustable, and secured with Velcro.

5.1 Comfort and Application

This collar is comfortable for your pet, allowing them to see without distress. It's a recommended choice by many vets.

6. Consult Your Vet

When considering an E-Collar, consult your vet for guidance. They can advise on the best type based on your pet's specific needs.