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Pet First Aid Wipes

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We are now going to look at pet first aid wipes. Now, these are a wipe, which is like a towel, it is a wet towel. It kills bacteria and virus. It does not smell, it has a natural deodorizer in it. One thing, not so much Deco, but Ella has a habit of doing this when she is on a walk, is she goes out, she gets mucked up, where she will roll in a bit of fox muck, and then you have got to stick her into the car. Now, these are actually pretty good for that as well. It is not really a first aid emergency, but it makes the drive home a little more pleasant. You can just use them onto their fur, wipe it off, and then, throw them away.

The wipes themselves are quite large, so they are easy to clean. If you had to deal with something on the leg, where you had to lift the leg up and just clean it off, just rub the area. If it is just not a cut or anything particular, you can just rub it and get some dirt off or anything like that. If you have got a wound there because they got natural bacterial and viral agents in them, you can clean over a wound and it will not sting, and they will not have any problem with that.

The other good thing for these can be if you are cleaning around their ears or around their eyes because again, it will not sting, it will not hurt. I will not actually rub this on her eyes now because she is quite sleepy, but if you had just onto her ear, we could just hold her ear through if there is some muck on there, we need to clean it, we can just wipe that over. And sometimes, with dogs, they do get a little bit down their face. Again, you can just clean this off and she will not be that bothered by it. You can just wipe it over anywhere. See? It just does not cause them any problem at all.

And the other thing you can use them is yourself. If you have muck on your hands, you can wipe your hands over, no problem, get the muck off, and then, just throw those away.