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What is the ideal animal haemostatic agent

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Selecting the Perfect Hemostatic Agent

Criteria for Effective Hemostatic Treatment

When seeking an ideal hemostatic agent to manage bleeding, several crucial criteria must be considered for optimal effectiveness. One such exemplary solution that meets these criteria is **Collaclot**.

Rapid and Effective Bleed Control

The first essential criterion is the ability to swiftly and effectively control bleeding. This capability is vital for a wide range of conditions and diverse wound types. The hemostatic agent should achieve complete cessation of blood flow within two minutes, even when applied to a profusely bleeding wound, including catastrophic arterial bleeds.

Sustainable Hemostasis Duration

In addition to rapid control, the hemostatic agent should maintain hemostasis for several hours, allowing time for veterinary care in case of delays. Collaclot, being a natural collagen product, fulfills this requirement as all mammals naturally contain collagen in their bodies, eliminating the use of foreign substances like kaolin or chitosan-based products.

Residue-Free Removal

Easy removal without leaving residues or contaminants within the animal is another crucial factor. Some products biodegrade within the wound over time, eliminating the need for removal. Collaclot does not adhere to flesh, making it easily removable.

Collaclot: A User-Friendly Hemostatic Solution

**Collaclot** is designed to cater to all pet and animal owners, ensuring accessibility to life-saving hemostatic properties. Its fast application and versatility surpass other products like Z-Fold dressings. Collaclot also aids the body's natural coagulation cascade, effectively stopping bleeding when placed in the wound.

Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Collaclot meets the need for cost-effective production without harming the environment. Derived from chicken collagen, a readily available by-product worldwide, including the UK, its manufacturing process involves minimal air and travel miles. This results in a competitively priced product compared to many others on the market.

Convenient Storage and Extended Shelf Life

For inclusion in first-aid kits, hemostatic agents should be easy to store with a lengthy shelf life. Collaclot can be stored between -10°C and +55°C and boasts an impressive five-year shelf life. It can endure extreme conditions, ranging from -95°C to +55°C.

How to Purchase Collaclot

You can purchase Collaclot directly from **ProTrainings Europe** on our supplies website at ****. For further inquiries or support, please contact us at **** or call us at **01206 805 359**.