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What is the ideal animal haemostatic agent

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When looking for an ideal hemostatic agent to treat a bleed, there is important criteria that need to be considered to be effective. A great example that fits these criteria is Collaclot. The first ideal criteria is its ability to control a bleed quickly and effectively. This is necessary in not only a wide range of conditions, but also a variety of wound types, as well. The hemostatic agent should be able to achieve the cessation of blood flow within two minutes when applied even to an active wound through a pool of blood. This is to ensure that it can stop even the most catastrophic arterial bleeds. It should also have a sustainable hemostasis duration for several hours just in case there is delayed time before getting to a vet. Being a natural collagen product, Collaclot meets this requirement. All mammals have an abundance of collagen within their body, so this negates the use of foreign substances within the body. Examples of these include products with kaolin or chitosan as their base. The hemostatic agent should be easy to remove without leaving residues or contaminants within the animal. Some products do not require removal as they undergo biodegradation within the wound after a period of time. Collaclot does not adhere to the flesh, therefore it is easily removable.

Collaclot is designed for anyone to use, bringing the life-saving properties of hemostatics to any pet or animal owner. It is fast to apply and more versatile than other products, such as Z-Fold dressings. Collaclot is also designed for quick application and helps the body's natural coagulation cascade. This allows the sponge to do its job to help stop the bleed. As long as it is placed into the wound, primary hemostasis will take effect, stopping the blood from leaving the body. Products need to be easy to manufacture and sterilized at a low cost. Collaclot does this, as well as not being bad for the environment. Chicken collagen is derived as a by-product and readily available worldwide, including in the UK. The manufacturing process is in one building and involves very low air miles and travel miles. This allows for a low-cost product, lower than many other products on the market. As they are going into first-aid kits, hemostats need to be easy to store and have a long shelf life. Collaclot should be stored between minus 10 and plus 55 degrees C and has an impressive five-year shelf life. However, it can withstand extreme conditions, ranging from minus 95 up to plus 55 degrees C.

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